5 handy tips to help renovate a bathroom on a budget

December 8, 2017

The bathroom can be one of the most expensive rooms to renovate in a property, but it is also one of the rooms that yield the greatest return on investment. You may consider renovating your bathroom for a number of reasons, maybe you want to sell your home and realise you will get a better price if you renovate your bathroom, or you may want to buy a home but the bathroom is outdated and tired looking.



Renovating your bathroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune, in this article Right Estate Agents will provide you with a number of tips that will help you to renovate your bathroom on a tight budget.


Refurbish bathroom cabinets rather than replace them

If your current bathroom cabinets are damaged or looking tired, sand the wood down and then stain it. Alternatively you could sand the cabinet and repaint it a colour that matches the rest of the bathroom. White is usually the best colour choice for a bathroom cabinet, but if you want to create a quirky look, go ahead and use a bolder colour. Before painting or staining your cabinets, make sure you fix any dents or broken parts. Dents can often be fixed by the simple use of wood putty, which is then painted over.


Use paint rather than wall tiles

If your walls are looking tired and your budget can’t stretch to wall tiles, don’t panic, you can make a huge difference to the appearance of your bathroom by painting the walls. It’s surprising how much a fresh coat of paint transforms a bathroom. If your walls are wallpapered, use a steamer to remove the wallpaper, these aren’t too expensive to buy, or can be rented for a small charge. Before painting the wall, be sure to remove all lumpy and dirty areas by lightly sanding over them and then giving them a quick clean. Painting your walls can turn the most expensive part of a bathroom renovation, into the cheapest.


Compliment your existing bathroom with new accessories

It’s surprising how much of a difference new accessories can make to the look and feel of a bathroom. Replace your curtains, rugs, and shower curtains with fresh alternatives. This doesn’t have to be expensive, you can purchase the accessories separately, make sure they match though. Adding art work or pictures to the walls can make a difference (but be careful not to overdo it). New accessories can give your bathroom a new look even if you don’t replace or refurbish the walls, cabinet or flooring.


Fix your floor tiles or replace them with antislip alternatives

Tired looking, broken or cracked tiles can really affect the look of a bathroom. It is one of the first things that people notice about a bathroom and it says a great deal about the overall maintenance of a home. If your tiles are in a fixable state, fix them and you will be amazed by the difference it makes to your bathroom. If the floor tiles are too damaged to fix, it’s definitely worth replacing them, there are some fantastic flooring tiles available for bathrooms at the moment.


The antislip tile range from Direct Tile Warehouse  is a prime example of how cost effective flooring can be aesthetic yet practical. Moroccan floor tiles are another popular choice of flooring for bathrooms and have become synonymous with contemporary bathroom decor. Tiling a bathroom floor is a complex task and not something that should be rushed, so it’s important to have patience and place extra emphasis on accuracy.


Replace lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures are an integral part of a bathrooms appearance and usability. Old lighting fixtures can really get a bathroom down at times. Consider replacing your tired lighting with new lighting fixtures, this is a quick fix that can make a considerable difference. Replace your light bulbs with energy efficient alternatives, it may not save you a huge amount initially, but in the long run it will be worth it. It’s recommended that you shop for lighting fixtures in person, as bathroom light fixtures can look a lot different in a picture.


If you would like some assistance to sell or let your property, please contact Right Estate Agents on 0845 026 8527 or visit our website.

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