Maintain your property: frugal ways to make your tenants happy

At Right Estate Agents, we all know that being a landlord these days is no easy job. Actually it can be a very stressful job, especially if your new tenants are always complaining about something, always demanding to fix things or to provide them with new stuff. All of this will not only drive you crazy but will also empty your bank account.

Even though moments like these can be frustrating, the most important thing is to stay calm because here we will provide you with several frugal ways to make your tenants very happy.

Creating your strategy

Before even thinking of letting someone in your property, you should think about what you expect from those people and what can you really offer them. That way you can be honest with them from the start, avoiding any future problems and confrontations. When presenting your conditions to the candidates try to be honest, friendly but most of all, try to make them understand the landlord’s point of view. Also, it might be a good idea to try and create flexible leasing with more favourable terms for your tenants to encourage them to stay for long.

Search for permanent tenants

The whole idea of trying to switch tenants is very annoying not only for you but for your tenants as well. Just think about the fortune you will spend fixing stuff, cleaning, not to mention the tedious process of finding and interviewing new people and preparing the new lease. So why not just try to keep your current tenants happy enough to stay? Just think about all the money and time you will save doing something for yourself?

Maintain your property

The real estate market changes every day but one thing stays the same – it is always expensive to maintain your property. When you have tenants the responsibility of keeping your house in good shape still remains mostly yours. It is important to try and preserve your property well-maintained by fixing every issue as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the more difficult and probably expensive will be to repair the items. If there`s a problem with the plumbing or the electricity and you can`t deal with it on time, then try to compensate your tenants somehow for the inconvenience.

Cleaning is another essential part of the maintenance of your real estate property. Once you let your tenants in, that will mostly be their responsibility but sometimes you might have to do it. Some property owners prefer to hire professional help but that is completely unnecessary, considering that you can do it yourself and it will cost you nothing. Some items, however, might be a little tricky to clean and you might prefer to hire Clean Carpet London. If you have a leather sofa, for example, you should use a saddle soap or leather drew and a slightly damp piece of fabric to achieve maximum effect.

Cheap home improvements

If want to do a complete transformation of your property before letting the tenants in, there are some frugal ways you can do it. The repainting of the inside or the outside of your house is probably the most low-cost home renovation you can do. The installation of a new kitchen or bathroom units is another way to go. For the kitchen a couple of worktops can really transform the place. With a little vinyl wrap your kitchen cabinets will become like new and it will cost you a lot less than buying new ones.

There are many ways to make your tenants happy but the most important one is for you to be happy first. As a landlord you have the responsibility to create the best possible conditions for other people to live in and you have to treat them like they are a priority in your life. And most of all, try to communicate with your tenants everyday so that they know you really care.

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