What makes a house a home?

At Right Estate Agents we all know that a home is so much more than bricks and mortar. It’s a place to raise your family, to experience major life events, and a place to create and share memories.

Think about how you felt after your first bike ride, or that of your child. You probably returned to your home elated (perhaps a bruised knee or two, but thrilled all the same!) Or after getting promoted at work, you might have gone home and opened the bubbly. Returning from the hospital with your first child, you showed them around their new home.

There’s a whole host of memories that are attached to ‘things’ within a home – whether it’s your first bike, photographs, children’s drawings, souvenirs, a family heirloom – a big part of home security is about protecting these irreplaceable things.

According to a survey commissioned by Confused.com, 74 percent of homeowners said that their most expensive possession is not the most valuable to them. Computers and jewellery topped the list of the most expensive items owned, but almost two-thirds of homeowners said that sentimental items such as photos, letters and drawings their child has done are more precious than their most costly items.

The survey of 2,000 UK homeowners revealed that almost half (41%) of people credited photos as their most precious or sentimental item, with objects inherited from a relative coming second place in the poll (13%).

Letters came out as the most precious belongings of 12% of the homeowners, with jewellery being the most sentimental item for 10%. Interestingly, 7% of people polled said that prize drawings from their child are the most precious item they own.

While these possessions are unlikely to have the financial value to attract would-be thieves, they could get damaged or lost in a burglary. That’s why home security specialist Yale is encouraging homeowners to protect the things that make a house a home.

Think about investing in a burglar alarm, installing a home safe, or changing your locks when you move, as a few simple steps can make a big difference to keeping your home (and the memories it holds) protected.

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